Better Late Than Never

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Unsafe driving often causes serious physical, mental, and financial situations that are either quite painful and suffering for the effected if he lives alone, or for the whole family especially if he is the butter and bread earner. For instance, a man who was already a reckless driver and he drives while he is either drunk, on drugs or both, the chance of fatal accidents is higher. He might lose a part of his body, he might get a severe brain injury that might leave him paralysed for the rest of his life and If he is a one taking care of the family then it will be extremely hard for the family to combat the situation. So, to help for safe driving there is a program called VicRoads behaviour change program.

Reasons to drive safe:  

Driving safe is not an option. It is a necessity. There are several contrasting reasons why reckless and rash driving an option is not. Here are the reasons 

  • Financial issues: 

The accidents cause because of the unsafe driving can be very much tough on the wallet. When you get your driving license cancelled, you would have to use public transport and nowadays they are heavy on the pocket. This is not the only thing. There are situations where the drunken driver hit another car or the outside of some personal or commercial property, so, in this kind of case, he has to pay for all the damage he has caused.  

  • Test retake: 

When your license gets cancel, you have to redo the test. Otherwise, you will not get your license back. You have to get it renewed.  

  • Can cause unwanted deaths: 

Many people drink and or drug drive. The problem with this is when a person is high on drugs or alcohol, he is not conscious and many of the time he commits crimes he does not even remember. Many go to jail for a long period as a punishment because they have hit somebody and either the affected is in serious condition in the hospital bed or he is in his grave. Sometimes the driver takes his own life by hit his car someplace and that situation is very tormenting for the family and friends.  


To avoid making these mistakes in the future, he should take a drink drive assessment in Melbourne. This program helps to cut down the bad habits and get oneself in more control over drinking and drugs issue. There are numerous behaviour change program providers and drink, drive assist is one of them but the positive factor about them is that they are registered.