How To Improve Your English

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There are many resources from which one can improve English. It’s all about the passion and determination if you want to achieve something you will no matter what. Knowing English and speaking in English both are different things. Few people who are really good at writing but when it comes to speaking they fail in it because you need speaking power for it. There are many institutes which offer EAP Melbourne where they focus on the fluency of a person. But confidence is the key to success so never hesitate and feel shy about anything. Practice makes man perfect it is true practice every day and surrounds yourself with the people who appreciate you rather than making fun of your English. 


Reading newspapers and book can help you in many ways and other than English speaking classes you can get help from these two things. By reading books and newspaper it increases your knowledge and vocabulary if your vocabulary is good you can write very well and keep the dictionary with you so that you can see the meaning of the word which you don’t know and memorize it. The best way to increase your vocabulary is learn new word everyday it will help you a lot.


Most of the people don’t know how to speak in English though they know the English but they are a lack of speaking skills. They need to take English speaking classes. Most of the people have issue in pronunciation, movies and radio can help them but for that, you need to be a good listener. Talking to yourself in English when you are at home either taking a shower or making food for you it helps you and it increases your self-confidence as well. You can use the mirror as well and imagine you are standing in front of the audience and giving a speech boost yourself and say I can do it than see the magic. It increases the fluency as well and by the time and with practice you are able to speak in English very soon if you make your routine and follow all the above instruction.


We live in an era where we are surrounded by technology, technology is the best to learn anything because you can find everything on the internet and you can take online good English speaking classes as well. Everyone has smartphone what you need to do record your voice in your smartphone and listen where are you wrong and which area you need to improve more it could be your pronunciation or grammatical mistake be your own teacher.

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