The Most Need Growth In Education Systems

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It might come as a shock that education system in most parts of the world is slowly crumbling. It might not be the huge explotion like a natural calamity. We have stated a few reasons for the collapsed state of education and the resolution methods that can be implanted. We all know education plays an important role in our civilization and the rapid growth of the man kind. But, now the education is considered as an intergral part of life. Due to this, parents are stressing children a bit too much leading to the psychological outbursts.

The reasons and resolutions for the better world of education system

The main reason that should be discussed is man made disasters like war, fights, neuclear reactors and sevral others. It may not make sense as of why these things are considered as the reason for the slow destruction of education system. The simple explanationcan be as follows, in war zones people will be busy tryin to stay alive, in that we cannot expect them to make studies their priority. Now, most of the mmiddleeastern countries are waging wars, which the civilazation will probably get lesser in next few years because people will do anything to stay alive. The only way to avoid this is attaining world peace.

There are other problems like the system of education is messed up. In most of the Southern regions in the world, there is a hard system where kids are demanded to just overload themsleves. It is very hard to understand the fact that there is a huge problem for three year olds. They are expected to start studying, memorising and reciting at very young age. People had become very ambitious by starting play school for kids from age of two. Kids who should be getting to know the world around them and be naughty, are restrained and thrown in a controlled environment. The resolution lies in schools like DSS secondary school, Stafford and several other international schools. Visit this page for further information regarding DSS school.

They have incorporated a system of mild education about the application as well as theoretical knowledge. Moreover the schools like DSS School, Oxford, and Cambridge have added a system where the children and the parents are in touch with their achievements and goals set out throughout the year.

The other main reason of education system collasing in many countries is due to involvement of politics in the education system. It is basis of discrimnation and grouping in schools and other places. It is sad state where people are starting to group people into several divisions and are causing riots from a young age.